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ROBOCOP 2 (1990) - Making Of

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On my facebook page, someone reminded me about Robocop 2. This was released in 1990. WTF, that was 33 years ago?  Also, just think for a moment ... the original Robocop came out in 1987 ... 36 years ago. NO, I cannot take this anymore ... somebody ... SLOWN DOWN the fricken TIME CLOCK! 😠

Robocop 2 was directed by Irvin Kershner (Empire Strikes Back). He replaced another director and there was some minor controversy about that. The original Robocop was directed by Paul Verhoeven and his style was more gritty & expicit. By comparison, Irvin has a more sanitized style.

We are not here to discuss about directors or the mundane aspects of filmmaking, but instead, to explore the Special Effects of Robocop 2. For its time, it was a tour de force in blood, sweat, & tears in producing the effects work. In 1990, there was NO digital or CGI.  All the visual effects done ol' school. Of course you know that Robocop 2 used the stop motion animation technique. There were NO Frame Grabbers, NO DragonFrame, NO Stop Motion Pro. It was literally Harryhausen method of stop motion. You only had Surface Gauges to keep track of the frame to frame incremental movements. 

Take a look  below at this end battle scene between the Caine cyborg robot and Robcop ... astounding work!

It was not just stop motion but much 'practical effects' were use ... model makers, full size props, explosives, make-up & suit prosthetics, etc. As I said, no digital computers at the time. Robocop 2 used Rear Projection Harryhausen style, to composite the live action with the stop motion puppet work. In addition, Bluescreen composting using the Optical Printer. In those days, that sure was painstaking work. It's a miracle how traditional effects were done compared to today's comfy computer mouse clicking effects. In general, Robocop 2 production was humongous ... the screen/film credits is lengthy.

According to the official screen/film credits of Robocop 2 ... it was primarily Seven Stop Motion Animators that did the hands on 'pushing of the puppets' ... Tom St. Amand, Randall Dutra, Justin Kohn, Mark Sullivan, Eric Leighton, Peter Kleinow, and Don Waller.

This MAKING OF / BEHIND the Scenes, appears to be from the 2017 Robocop 2, Blu-Ray, Special Collectors Edition.  It is LONG at about 1 Hour & 49 Minutes.  Here is the cut version, focusing on technical aspects of the Special Effects, about 30 minutes long. Again, this was from 2017. You will see Justin Kohn, Randy Dutra, and others commenting.  Also, some unique behind the scenes in the Tippett Studios BEFORE it later went CGI.  Watch ....


If you wish to watch the entire Making Of Robocop 2 ... go here LINK

Here is another behind the scenes , going back to 2014 from the Youtube TESTED channel ... Phil Tippett discussing Robocop 2 ....



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