Monday, July 8, 2024

Tony McVey visited by 'Tested' Adam Savage


Years ago, I use to hang-out at Tony McVey's studio He is very much a hands-on 'renaissance man'. He can practically do it ALL, not only creative artistry as most of you already know about, but technically, Tony has much expertise in the fabrication aspects. I picked up many tips from his armature construction methods. Also, his molding & casting skills are absolutely incredible, doing involved multi-piece molding of complex puppet figures shapes ... and also he does miniature props fabrication!

For many years I have worked at a grave-yard shift blue collar job which just mentally exhausted me 😟 . As a result, for years, I've been pretty much 'Socially AWOL' ... kind of like a lone wolf. This video below from Adam Savage visiting Tony, is perhaps a reminder to me that I should maybe get out of the closet more and hang-out a bit, in person, and say 'Hi' to Tony and other fellow artists. But ...I digress! Check out the video below where Adam has some great conversation with Tony!


Below are some past spotlights I did about Tony, if you should want to revisit (click on blue facebook logo)  ....



I had a T. rex Stop Motion Puppet Made (OC)



Gardens of Miranda -Years ago, a very ambitious project from Tony. He was hoping to do a series and managed to get one episode finished. Tony doing practically ALL the work by himself. I would sometimes visit him, and see the in-progress work. As the usual course of 'passion projects', I am guessing, a conflict devoting personal time to a project verses the financial necessity of real jobs to pay the rent and bills. Look at the many years it took Phil Tippett to complete 'Mad God'. To me, Gardens of Miranda has an especially serene ambiance to it. Everything moving at a calm pace as the story unfolds. It would be something if this could be completed as a completed short maybe 20 or so minutes. I KNOW ... more money & time, which most of us do not have these days!

Gardens of Miranda Episode 1 from Tony McVey on Vimeo.

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