Thursday, November 23, 2023

GUMBY DHARMA (2006) - Art Clokey's Life & Work

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This hour long documentary is an overview about Art Clokey, the creator of the 'Gumby' stop motion clay character. In the documentary, some well known 'in the animation biz' names commenting about Art. As for myself, I interacted with Art back in 1987-1988, working as a stop motion animator, for 'The New Adventures of Gumby',TV animation series.

Art Clokey's experiences were somewhat, a 'roller coaster ride' as part of the evolution of Gumby, especially his personal life. Very interesting and much nostalgic times when it covers the social counter-culture period of the 'Hippie' phenomenon, in which Art got into 'it' and explored other non-mainstream alternative life style.

 GUMBASIA (1953) Art Clokey

MANDALA (1977) Art Clokey

Art Clokey born 1921, passed away in 2010 at 88 years of age.

Art Clokey's son, Joe Clokey took over the Gumby estate, brand, & marketing. After Joe's unfortunate death in 2018, Fox Entertainment acquired the Gumby franchise in 2022.The acquisition includes all characters from the Gumby universe, with plans for new series on various platforms.


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