Friday, April 5, 2024

LYNDON J. BARROIS - Gum Wrapper Mini Figures

This is interesting.It serendipitously appeared online during my random web surfing. Artist & Animator, Lyndon J. Barrios. I have not previously heard of him. Apparently he has an eclectic background. He does work in CGI, also has done directorial duties on various projects.  He recently was spotlighted in the (click >) New York Times. The article is not easily available.If you want to read the article,NY Times says you can sign in using your Facebook or Google account. I will post alternative informational sources about Lyndon, here at SMW & RetroFX 😎

This is a text version of the NY Times, Lyndon Barrios article without the photos (click >) Sculpture Doesn't Get Much Smaller than This

Here is a video of Lyndon in an interview, this was back in 2014 on NBC's Today Show. This will introduce you to Lyndon about his unique art work.

Here is behind the scenes, more details, very recent (2024)

Here is an example, of one of his works, where the micro gum wrapper figures are stop motion animated. It is very stylized, kind of free-form organic aesthetics. Click on the Photo below to watch.


To my surprise, Lyndon directed an episode of The PJs  many years ago in 2000 I also did some freelance work for Will Vinton Studios (1998-99) helping setup their armature department & designing the armatures for the stop motion characters. Here is Lyndon's episode that he directed. 

UPDATE - I forgot to include this short animation by Lyndon ... called 'Prizefighter' (2020)

Lyndon has an eclectic resume, including his work in CGI animation. Below is the link to his Website.



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