Tuesday, October 17, 2023

THE VANDAL (2021) - Short & Behind Scenes

This almost, 16 minute stop motion short (mixed with live action) was initially release a few years ago. I am guessing it did some film festivals. The director / creator of The Vandal is Eddie Alcazar. I was not familiar with his work. His Biography ... LINK

I would suggest that you might watch in this order, preferably on your laptop at full screen, for a better immersion experience! 😁

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THE VANDAL - Trailer

THE VANDAL - Animated Short - "A man recovering from a lobotomy (Bill Duke) suddenly loses the love of his life, who was also his caregiver. The aftermath leads his mind into the incomprehensible." WATCH ....

BONUS - Behind the Scenes! 👇

This appears to have been released some months ago in 2023 - Making of THE VANDAL

It looks like the stop motion puppets were made of cast Silicone Skins. I do not see in credits if they were 3D printed. Perhaps the main characters heads were actually sculpted by an artist, then afterwards, molded to make the skins. The heads/face have a neutral expression.  In the film, the puppets do not talk. Only the close-up live action, we see the actors talking then cuts away to the stop motion.

Inter-mixing live action with puppets gives it a surreal, fantasy element. Not meant to represent reality. CGI would NOT work! Eddie Alcazar has labeled the effect technique as 'Meta-Scope'! The primary tricks of The Vandal were: Using very large LCD Screens as the background elements (of the pre-filmed miniature sets), somewhat similar to old school Rear Projection. The other trick was ... motion tracking the puppets heads and compositing the actor's REAL eyes onto the puppets.  This reminds me of similar technique used years ago in 2007, on another stop motion short titled Madame Tutli-Putli LINK.

Here is something else, I do not see mentioned much. Apparently, the final version of The Vandal was re-edited and the scene below was deleted .....



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Sunday, October 1, 2023

I, BARNABÉ (2020)

I, Barnabé / Moi, Barnabé is an indie animation by artist-creator, Jean-Francois Levesque. Through the Canadian NFB (National Film Board) this independent produced stop motion short was released in 2020. As with many indie features, they are first made available to the audience at various film festivals, then later, through other distribution such as dvds or online streaming.

In late 2021, 'I, Barnabe' was released for everyone to view and enjoy. It is not an Aardman or comedy stye entertainment animation, but instead, it is low key with some humor, and its topic touches some deep themes. There are no words or dialog. All the story telling is through the visual animation performance. In addition to stop motion there is some mixed animation styles including 2d drawn.


Here is a quick storyline description from the NFB ....
"Confronted with doubt and feelings of emptiness, drunk with unhappiness and seeking to drown his sorrow, Barnabé experiences a curious metaphysical visitation; lightning strikes the spire of his church and a mysterious bird appears, forcing him to reconsider his life. What is his truth pointing him towards? What is the deeper meaning of his life on earth?"

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You can watch the entire animated feature here (15 minutes) ....

Magazine article Interview with Jean-Francois Levesque

BONUS - Behind the Scenes! 👇

JIM RANDALL -  Armature 'Puppet Head Mechanics' Designer/Engineer and  BRENDA BAUMGARTEN - Expert Puppet Fabrication Artist

Below is for the Hardcore Stop Motion Fanatics 😲

So ... you cannot get enough for your Stop Motion Addiction? 😉 Take a look at Jim Randall's Facebook posting of over 30 photos that he has made available for your viewing knowledge edification.



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