Tuesday, December 12, 2023

'No CGI' Marketing & Promotion

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As your know, the few big stop motion features of today are loaded with CGI post production digital manipulation and enhancements.  Stop motion is copying the same as 'live action' movies ... a plethora of computer mouse clicked cgi and digital compositing.

The following two videos were authored by Danish filmmaker, Jonas Ussing, who has done work as a Special FX Supervisor. He is on Instagram & Linked-in but he just started his YouTube channel. He does not seem to take a specific position. Jonas presents a phenomenon with regarding to marketing some mainstream movies that are NOT the superhero on monster-verse variety which are obviously heavy with CGI.  He gives examples like 'Top Gun: Maverick', Napoleon, 1917 (WW1), and others.

It appears some studios are de-emphasizing (minimizing) the CGI and suggesting their features use much 'Practical FX'. You have to watch the actors and movie reps LIE about NO CGI.

You should also read the many comments to Part 1 and Part 2 ... very interesting. A few CGI artist take offense of the studio's 'No CGI' marketing. This promotion ploy is not exactly 'new'. I recall some of the Star Wars prequels/sequels where they throw in some minor Practical FX shots and then BRAG about it, but the VFX are still, predominately computer CGI and heavy with digital compositing.  

Here was my comment on Jonas's The Rabbit Hole YouTube channel, Part 2 :

"The host here Jonas, says 'Journalism Media' is supposedly saying 'No CGI', as though it is their fault pushing this notion. It makes no sense blaming the media. Why would they just blatantly lie about 'no CGI'? Those 'no CGI' talking points / directives must be coming from the corporate STUDIO Marketing.
Why are some of the major studios, DIMINISHING the CGI aspects? Personally, I think general audiences may just be getting weary of the more obvious CGI special effects ... overdone, beaten to the ground,  becoming stale, etc. Studios perhaps feeling this negativity that the public may have about CGI.
It is blatantly obvious how the actors, movie directors, the Special FX directors, following the Studio marketing script, are parsing their words and doing hypocritical double-talking, saying ... 'No CGI' but make exceptions for many scenes that are almost 100 percent CGI"


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