Thursday, February 22, 2024

'The Batman' - Stop Motion (Hot Toys)

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This puppet poseable figure is modeled from the more recent version of The Batman (2022) as portrayed by actor Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne).

 In the first clip here, you see the finished stop motion animation ....

The second clip below is a time lapse, showing the stop motion behind the scenes ....

Stop Motion animated by Lawrence Becker. I am not familiar with him but in the past, I have sometimes seen his other animated works. Apparently, Lawrence has much experience in the traditional animated arts & crafts ... 2D Animation & Stop Motion. Here is his Sampler Times website 

These present day very realistic collectable poseable figures are astounding in the quality of execution ... the clothing, exterior suit & armor details, miniature accessory props, etc., especially the flawless exact replication of the human faces. I wonder if they scanned photos of  the real actors, then made 3D molds and cast in a resin plastic. I have no idea as to what kind of armatures are inside these figures.  I am taking a guess that the armatures are not made to withstand  the rigorous environment of stop motion animation for many, many frames. The armatures may eventually give-out or fail.  Collectable Figures are not necessarily made for Stop Motion.  Collectors purchase these figures in which they occasionally change the poses for display purposes.  

One sixth scale Batman Collectable Figure

One sixth scale Batcycle Model


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