Wednesday, July 12, 2023

'The Inventor' - Unknown Indie Feature gets Big Boost

Blue Fox Entertainment will distribute this mixed animation comedy using Stop Motion with 2D animation. They say in theaters (in the U.S.) August 25. Not sure if available later for stream watching. Details here, Animation Magazine - The Inventor distribution news

There has not been much 'public' information on the progress of  'The Inventor' only until now, with this distribution deal. Some years ago I heard about 'The Inventor' ... it is a very, very Independent film ... it has been percolating & moving along. I also recall that the project acquired some funds through a KickStarter campaign. As stated, it is not a full stop motion feature but is combined / mixed with 2D drawn animation.

As far as I know, the stop motion crew was not humongous like a Del Toro 'Pinocchio'. 'The Inventor' crew seems to have been small. I recognize the names of veterans & highly talented stop motion animators, Justin Kohn and Timothy Hittle, also, both Nightmare Before Christmas Alumni, however, I do not know the names of other Stop Motion animators who may have contributed.

I could not find any current, new trailers or teasers for 'The Inventor'. There is only this one that has been available since about 3 years ago. It was originally for the promotion of the KickStarter campaign. You can watch below ....

Oh ... I did find this micro-behind the scenes but I had to go to 'European' websites to find this. They seem to get the good stuff.  You have to go directly to website, to watch it ... CineEuropa - The Inventor teaser

Just me speculating ... I wonder ... if the success of Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio perhaps, may have helped motivate Blue Fox Entertainment to distribute 'The Inventor'? ... Hmmmm ­čśĆ


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