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FAN Tribute: ATTACK of the ID MONSTER ... Making Of

This is from about 18 years ago ... I think around 2005. Dan Anderson an eclectic artist, creative, & animator, produced this Fan Tribute of the ID Monster, from the 1956 Sci-Fi cult classic 'Forbidden Planet'. 


I am trying to remember ... I think Dan first posted his ID Monster fan tribute on Eric Scott's small StopMoShorts community message board & website that had a brief run many years ago (2004 - 07). Recently, I made an upgraded website page copy from StopMoShorts, of Dan Anderson's, Original 'Making Of' article about the stop motion ID Monster scenes. Go to this link and read the newer version ATTACK OF THE ID MONSTER IN STOP MOTION ... the 'Making Of' by Dan Anderson


Just to remind you again ... that this was about 17 - 18 years ago and at that time, high resolution still cam videography and smart phones cameras were not abundant back then. Dan shot this with a Canon XL1 digital camcorder that can save single still frames onto a memory card, and at same time, he used a 'Video Lunch Box' frame grabber to monitor his frame by frame incremental movements.

I do not remember if Dan posted his ID fan video on Youtube in 2005. In 2005, Youtube just started and was still a new beginning video sharing site. Because I wanted to preserve Dan's work, I made a copy of it (from the StopMoShorts website), and  later (in 2010) uploaded to my Stop Motion Works Youtube channel. However it is a copy, so the video quality is not that good .

Dan's photos when originally posted at StopMoShorts ... the resolution was low & blurry and so I had to resort to some up-scaling resolution sharpening software and that is why photos may look somewhat cleaner & sharp edged.

I first met Dan about 2002 or 2003, at a unique small gathering in Las Vegas, USA ... I believe it was called the Stop Motion National Expo. Dan lived on the East Coast (USA). Himself and others made the long trek journey from far geographic distances, attending this one of a kind Stop Motion specific event.

Dan was a good guy, soft spoken, low-key personality but passionate about the creative process. We and others discussed much and talked 'Shop'. After the expo event, in the following years, a few of us kept in communication at the website / messageboard.

In Dan's 'Making Of' the ID Stop Motion ... he list resources links. Again, because this was many years ago, those links are likely 'dead' ... do not work.

I cannot say what is the current status of Dan Anderson. He previously had a website 'Animation Daddy' but it no longer exists. He still has a Youtube channel with a few videos but there is no new activity & is dormant. Also, it appears that Dan is not much into 'Social Media' but maybe that is a good thing! I did attempt a quick search, but no luck ­čśĽ  I hope that Dan is doing okay & hanging in there, or perhaps he has retired and 'chilling'! Here is his animation reel from some years ago. Again, he is an eclectic creative doing a variety of animation techniques & styles ....

AND without 'Further Ado', here is Dan Anderson's 'Pi├Ęce De R├ęsistance'....


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