Sunday, June 23, 2024

A Boy, Cars, & Forced Perspective Talent

The video below was about 3 or 4 years ago when Anthony Schmidt was around 12 years old ... he is in the neuro-diverse autistic spectrum.Very satisfying to watch and appreciate his creative talent! He has an obsession with cars and has a huge collection of miniature vehicles. Anthony is also self-taught in the old school special effects skills of forced perspective miniature photography, and has combined both of his passions. It appears that Anthony's forced perspective is done using only mobile phone cameras. Anthony does not use a costly SLR digital camera. Update: I just realized that mobile phone cameras usually have wide angle lens. In Special FX work, 'wide angle' used in photography can give the illusion that miniatures are larger in size.

Anthony is now about 16 years old.  His mom Ramona, manages all his social media and he sure has strong online presence. He must be doing okay and establishing some financial security, In addition, Anthony is now actually just starting to acquire actual full size vintage cars and says he will try to restore!

This is only some of what is available online about Anthony.  Here is link to his youtube channel click > Anthony Schmidt  and click > Anthony Schmidt Facebook  and also click > Anthony Schmidt Instagram

He even has published his SECOND coffee table lush book 😮 displaying his creative forced perspective photography talent click > Shifting Perspectives  

Remember ... Forced Perspective photography is a powerful old school & classic special effects technique. You CAN use it your stop motion animations.  Create & film the forced perspective background scenery, then in post production, you can digitally composite your stop motion puppets (green / blue screen) in front of the background.

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