Friday, August 18, 2023

Coming Soon - Ghostbusters 'Terror Dog' Homage

I cannot keep up with Justin Rasch! Recently, I posted about his behind the scenes He-Man project  ... and now .... he springs this on us 😀

Justin has referred to this as a 'Monster' or 'Creature' but of course it is the Terror Dog that made its appearance in the original Ghostbusters (1984). There were actually two Terror Dogs, a male & female. The shorter horned Terror Dog was the female.Only one stop motion puppet was fabricated ... they just switched the horns and optically cloned the puppet to make it appear that there were 2 Terror Dogs in the same scenes.

This Terror Dog stop motion puppet was constructed by the incredibly talented artist, Eduardo Oropeza who is a resident of the country of Mexico. At Eduardo's Instagram, he has posted additional photos of the Terror Dog puppet. Amazingly, from what I see, Eduardo does most of  his puppet construction using 'build up' method. His Youtube channel demonstrates some of the puppet fabrication technique.

The stop motion puppet has a Ball & Socket armature inside it.* The overall puppet size appears to be about 11 - 12 inches long (28cm - 30cm), head to tail.  The Terror Dog puppet in the original Ghostbusters was much larger and as many of us, may already know, the creature's final design was by Randall W. Cook and he also did the hands on stop motion animation.

*Update / Correction: It was 'planned' to have Ball & Socket armature but later, Justin preferred to have Wire armature in the Terror Dog stop motion puppet. Justin is still able to get smooth animation with wire armatures!

Okay ... here are some Teaser shorts that Justin Rasch has released ....




Justin Rasch  >>  INSTAGRAM     YOUTUBE

Eduardo Oropeza  >>  INSTAGRAM    YOUTUBE


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